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The Sharjah Collection unveils the soul of Sharjah; a group of distinctive boutique hotels and eco-retreats purposefully located in key locations throughout the Sharjah Emirate. The Sharjah Collection reveals the essence of this Emirate through the balance of luxurious accommodation, heritage, Arabian hospitality, adventure and intimate encounters with the natural landscape.

Your journey with us is a discovery of culture, conservation, and unequivocal splendour. Each boutique hotel and eco-retreat unearths character; with intuitive spaces that provide a serene environment to enjoy the essence of Arabian hospitality. In harmony with their distinguished locations; Kingfisher Lodge, Al Faya Lodge, Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim, and Al Badayer Oasis Lodge are hallmarks of Sharjah’s identity. From the Heart of Sharjah, to the Emirates deserts, mountains, beaches and mangroves; each is an exceptional place to find yourself.

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Kingfisher Lodge

Kingfisher Lodge by Mantis is in Kalba, an exclave of the Sharjah emirate known for its lively fish market, sandy beaches, the oldest mangrove forest in Arabia, and its tidal creek - Khor Kalba. Kingfisher Lodge comprises 20 luxurious tents with private pools and uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Oman.


Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim is in Heart of Sharjah, and part of the Heritage Village which has been reborn as a vibrant heritage and arts district in the emirate’s capital city. Made up of two traditional homesteads; this newly-renovated 5-star guest house is a replica of historical Arabian bed & breakfasts.

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Al Faya Lodge

Al Faya Lodge will be a 5-bedroom bed & breakfast at the Mleiha Archeological and Eco-Tourism Project. Originally built in the 1960s, the two buildings that make up this luxurious lodge have been re-imagined into a stylish retreat with a hands-free water based spa, modern interiors and a historic façade.

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Al Badayer Oasis Lodge

Al Badayer Oasis Lodge is set in the Al Badayer Desert among tall palm trees, with magnificent dunes forming a striking backdrop. Al Badayer Oasis Lodge has 19 rooms and 10 tents that offer easy access to desert terrain and some of the best off-road explorations in the UAE.

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Welcome to Sharjah

Of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Sharjah is the third largest. Considered the nation’s cultural capital, it is famed for museums dedicated to Emirati culture, heritage, education, artistic areas, and souqs. The city’s outskirts take the shape of dramatic dunes converging with mystic oases and white-sand beaches. Securing its place as the beacon of sustainable tourism and the guardian of Emirati culture, Sharjah is a must-visit destination for both the regional and global tourists.