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Fragments of decorated pottery have been found in excavations around Mleiha, dating back as far as 2 BC. In ancient cultures in the region, the decoration of pottery was traditionally done by women. Women skilled in pottery decoration were famous, and known by name. Al Faya lodge can also be seen as a site of change. Steeped in desert nomadic heritage this site served as an early inland traveling stop between Abu Dhabi and the Northern emirates. Over the years this stop has been pivotal for cross border journeys and has seen the change from Bedouin camel led caravans to motor vehicles as the key modes of transport. The remains of the UAE’s first petrol pump can be found at Mleiha; a testament to Sharjah’s rapid change, and the discovery of oil which has fuelled it.

Al Faya Lodge

At Al Faya lodge in Mleiha, one encounters deep history and a story of journey and change. Home to ancient civilizations and cultures, at Al Faya lodge one can explore Ancient Bedouin culture and trace the influence of other civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks and Romans – as uncovered through the numerous artefacts found there.

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