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Sharjah is unlike any other Emirate in the UAE. It holds within its boundaries, an undiscovered slice of paradise. Kalba, being an almost unknown destination, is an exclave of the city situated on the Gulf of Oman coast on the Omani border. The most southerly town in the country, Khor Kalba was once only known for its lively fish market; its many natural wonders reserved for those that resided there.

Nature thrives in Khor Kalba; a desert wetland where bountiful mangroves make way for tidal creeks and pristine beaches. An important breeding ground for rare bird species, Kalba offers birdwatchers a spectacular experience where sightings of the White-Collard Kingfisher and the Sykes’ Warbler are a common occurrence. 

Uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Oman

Separated from the mainland by a river and overlooking the Indian Ocean, Kalba is a sensitive habitat where special wildlife and the natural landscape are preserved for generations to come. Kingfisher Lodge is paving the way for eco-tourism in the region.

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Uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean

gulf of oman

Turtle sanctuary and breeding area


Explore the Mangroves by guided kayak excursions

khor kalba

Rare species of birds, flora and fauna

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Kingfisher Lodge

Discover your slice of paradise at Kingfisher Lodge. Twenty luxuriously appointed tents set on a desert plain that eases into the coast of the Gulf of Oman. The tented suites and guest areas are a welcome reprieve for your senses, each luxurious tent featuring a private plunge pool. Complete your experience at Kingfisher Lodge with a massage in our intimate spa. Bespoke dining options are thoughtfully presented, delicious, nutritious, and designed to ensure guests are ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

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